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I wonder if anyone is here anymore...

LJ has dropped in popularity due to tumblr, and God help me, I tried for so long to not join that place, but now I have and there's not much I can do about it anymore.

Small updates.
My degree is finished. I now have a Masters degree.
Unfortunately I have yet to obtain a job because of reasons relating to: depression, not wanting to ever leave my house, and issues with me not wanting to go back into my former industry unless I can help it.

Still in the supernatural fandom. I blame it for many things, including slash shipping, rps shipping, and making me watch the People's Choice awards.

I still have hope I can one day enjoy Asian dramas again. I burnt out on it all. Which happens to me, because fandoms for me are intense until I can't handle it anymore. Which is also why I've stepped out of the Big Bang fandom. I have metaphors for it about stars and burning brightly until they explode into a giant mass of atoms, and then collapse onto themselves. That is essentially my life. There is nothing half assed about me and my fandoms.

ANYWAY, if you so desire to follow, I'm at tumblr.
uisceros @ tumblr.

Be warned: it's 99% supernatural these days.






Destiel and my fall into fandom insanity
Keira - WOZ Leibovitz shoot

So recently I've been in a fandom I never thought I would ever be in - Supernatural.

I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls for the first few seasons, and I was VERY much on-board with Rory/Tristan. So I hated Dean. HATED HIM. And as a result, Jared Padalecki. Which made me avoid Supernatural for a long fucking time.

But then I was in Vietnam, and one thing I've learned about myself is that if I'm in a situation where I am stressed (and boy was I stressed there...), I tend to escape into media. I had netflix because I had used a proxy (way to beat the socialist media, Mer!!!), and had already finished a rewatch of Futurama and Buffy, watched House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, and the latest season of Arrested Development... And Supernatural was there, so why the fuck not? Famous last words.

I was never into slash. I have nothing against it, I just found it difficult to really get in to. I suppose I needed a girl to empathize with. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS FANDOM. Turns out I'm a HUGE Dean/Cas shipper. Like, insanely huge. This is my first real slash pairing (as in shipping two guys that do not already have an established romantic/sexual relationship in canon), and it's beautiful.

Come on now, they're soooooo gay. I love it

Guys, I'm even thinking of starting a tumblr for this insanity! This is not normal. Tumblr annoys and confuses me.

IN OTHER NEWS, I'm trying to clean out my bedroom because I have WAY too much stuff from living abroad (I came home with four suitcases... FOUR). Plus, I have ANOTHER FOUR boxes coming here on the 11th, which is 9 days from now. I'm not sure I can fit everything.

I'm a packrat (a nice term for hoarder). I have issues getting rid of things because I assign weird personal attachments to inanimate objects. I'm also a collector. Which means I have an entire bureau of makeup I barely use, at least 35 different teas I barely drink, and all the kitchenware (we won't even go into that shit, because it's too much crazy for most people). Basically I'm a neurotic mess who fills my emptiness inside (EMO ALERT) with superfluous things. Yay me!

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So I love it here. I love what I'm doing, I love school, I love London, I feel like I'm finally accomplishing something, and it's amazing.

But of course nothing can be perfect. I feel so disconnected. I keep trying to talk to my friends at home, and either they're ignoring me, or too busy, or something. It hurts a lot.

I know I left. But shouldn't they be happy for me, and want to stay in touch? I don't understand.

This is hard. Much harder than anything I've done before. I'm all alone in a foreign country. I don't have family here. I don't have close friends. I don't think people understand that. Sure to them it's exciting, but to me it's so lonely.


Anyway, here's some London pictures to make up for all the sad :)

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I miss blogging. I had so much fun, you guys. I guess times change, life goes on, all that.

I've been living in London for three months now. I love it. I love London. I love my friends here. I love my apartment, and my neighborhood, and my neighbors. I love my school, my classes, my professors. I love it all. I'm so glad I did this even though it sometimes feels like I ripped my heart out and left it at home.

I'm going to Vietnam in the summer. It's a research project based in Ho Chi Minh City. After that I think I might travel a bit across SE Asia for awhile. Visit Cambodia. Maybe Laos. Even Nepal.

And then I'll go home. Because while I love London, and I love Europe, it's not home. And I'll get a job, and I'll find a place to live, and I'll turn 30.

If anything makes you evaluate your life goals, it's the inevitability of 30.

Otherwise, things are the same. Same person. Different place.

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New Evolution NJ

I want to post about dramas again :( I haven't even watched one in AGES.

Maybe when I'm in school, and procrastinating. I seem to do best at getting drama reviews done when procrastinating or hating my life. Either/or.

Anyway, I leave in, oh... 2 weeks. I'm terrified. It will be okay, I think. Maybe. I'll be back home in three months for winter break. Three months is cool. I've done that before. Not alone, but definitely in a more difficult place than London (where they actually speak the same language as I do - imagine that!!)

Two small things!!
<3 2NE1 concert!! It was fabulous, and annoying to get to, but whatever. Who doesn't love driving for nine hours alone to New Jersey and back?! I had decent seats, but while they did serve alcohol, I didn't have any because I had to be sober and awake driving back. Bom was pretty, Minji was super awesome and an amazing dancer, and holy shit CL is amazing live. I have very few feelings on Dara.

Second, I'm going to be opening another blog soon-ish, one that will encompass other portions of my life. One that people I know personally can follow to see how my life in London is going. I'll post it up here when it's done.

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So I found a studio apartment in London.

It's pretty tiny (only 20 square meters, which is RIDICULOUSLY SMALL to me, but maybe not so much by central London standards?), but the decor is nice, and it's right in Bloomsbury.

Pros - self contained, nice decor, Victorian building, first floor (second floor to us Americans), two Juliette balconies, random marble fireplace, giant windows, decent flooring, modern, central, 5 minutes frm the school, near cool things, it's in a flat share building so I will be near people in similar situations.

Cons - tiny, tiny, tiny, basically no storage, I have no idea where anything is going to fit, no place to sit and eat, next to a fish restaurant (which is suppose is a hazard of living in a city), EXPENSIVE, might have to deal with other noisy-ass people.

Anyway, I've been spending the last few hours freaking out over the whole thing. Because I freak out about everything. The apartment is lovely, but I keep second guessing myself... It's horrible. I'm mostly freaking out over the size. For reference, I currently live in a moderately sized house. Going from tons of space to basically none is freaking me the fuck out. At least the location is perfect...

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I've been looking at housing in London. It's not going well. Every time I think I find a place I like, it's not available, or I find out it's in a less-than-awesome place, or SOMETHING. I'm also kinda pissy about the cost of living there. I'm looking at nothing less than £250/week, which is batshit - and yes, I know I could technically get a cheaper place, but a) I'd rather just deal with student accommodation, considering I know very little of the real estate, and b) I'm super super super picky about where I live. Housing isn't even that expensive in Boston (second most expensive housing market in the USA). I have very specific design tastes, and I utterly refuse to live in a place that doesn't measure up to my standards. I'm old enough now that I really don't want to live in a hovel.

Add in all the stuff that comes with this - student loans, what to bring, storage, logistics, etc. It's a nightmare. I'm sure it'll be fun when I'm there, but until then it's hell. With my grip on sanity already tenuous, this is going to get interesting really fast.

I'm so going to miss my coworkers as well. I've already invited half of them to visit me in London. Who knew that I'd end up working with such great people?

In other news, the other day I tried watching the Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend and... oh dear God. Were twdramas always this bad, or is it this specific drama? I seriously cannot handle that shit. Surely Love Contract wasn't that bad?

Oh! Almost forgot! I will be going to see 2NE1 in August!!! I didn't buy a VIP ticket. Nor did I buy one of the expensive floor tickets either. Come on guys, I'm old. I bought a seated ticket. I'm excited. I'm a little annoyed that I'll have to drive/train/bus all the way to New Jersey (like 4-ish hours), but what can you do? STILL WAITING for Big Bang to announce their tour dates in Europe (I won't be in the US when they have their concert here... hoping for London!)

I'm going to London. September 24th is my start date.

Excuse me while I go throw up from nerves.

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I thought that maybe downloading a LJ app for the iPad would make me update more... We'll see. So what's happening in my world? Nothing terribly exciting, but I'm relatively content, which is cool.

I'm waiting on my grad school application, which is nerve-wracking. Every time I think of moving to London I am overcome with both awesome and terrifying feels.

Work is going surprisingly well. I've basically become team leader by default, which is cool because I get more responsibility and cool science-ey things. The one bad thing is I'm afraid I've turned into one of those popular mean girls. That ever happen to anyone else? Like, I hate myself for doing it, but I'm SUCH a bitch when I'm one of the cool kids. And yet I can't stop. It's so so so weird. I made a pact with myself that I'd try to be nicer from now on. It's hard.

I'm also buying shit like crazy. Not expensive stuff, usually, but as one with a fair amount of "disposable income", I use it to buy pretty things. Like jewelry. And these headphones. And makeup. And bluetooth headsets that make me look like a total douche. And fancy ketchup. I'm a yuppie. I know I'm a yuppie. I've always been a yuppie. Deal.

And now....

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And that is that, meine Freunde.

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