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So I love it here. I love what I'm doing, I love school, I love London, I feel like I'm finally accomplishing something, and it's amazing.

But of course nothing can be perfect. I feel so disconnected. I keep trying to talk to my friends at home, and either they're ignoring me, or too busy, or something. It hurts a lot.

I know I left. But shouldn't they be happy for me, and want to stay in touch? I don't understand.

This is hard. Much harder than anything I've done before. I'm all alone in a foreign country. I don't have family here. I don't have close friends. I don't think people understand that. Sure to them it's exciting, but to me it's so lonely.


Anyway, here's some London pictures to make up for all the sad :)

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Im glad that you are having a good time over there and it sucks that your friends back home are kinda ignoring you. Just keep in mind that Im always here to listen if you need to chat. Im proud of you for taking this huge step for your future and I hope that one day I can have the courage to do something like that too. Keep me filled in on your funsies and even the bad. Im here for you.

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